Communication Studies Club was named Club of the Year for 2015 – 2016

club-of-the-year-2Mission Statement:

Santa Ana College Communication Studies Club is committed to enhance every individual’s communication abilities in a positive and productive approach. Students in the club are devoted to provide leadership, guidance, and support for Santa Ana College and local communities.

Who are we?

We are a student based organization at Santa Ana College (SAC). We believe in the power of communication and help students practice and gain communication skills that can be used in their career, in the workforce, and their personal life. At every meeting we provide students with exercises and opportunities to polish their communication skills they need to be successful. We cover strategies on public speaking, networking, interview techniques, event planning, among many more. 

Are there courses related to the club?

Yes! Every CMST course that is offered to at SAC is related to club activities. We have seminars/workshops that expand on certain areas, our meetings cover different techniques that you can use in your all your courses. Here is the list of some of the CMST courses offered at SAC:

  • Interpersonal Communication, CMST 101
  • Pubic Speaking, CMST 102
  • Intercultural Communication, CMST 103
  • Argument & Debate, CMST 140
  • Group Dynamics, CMST 145
  • Voice & Diction, CMST 151
  • Gender Communication, CMST 206 *Honor course available

For complete list of CMST courses please visit http://www.sac.edu or view course availability on WebAdvisor.

When does CSC meet?

CSC meets every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month during school session
from 3PM to 5PM in room C 207. 

You can come at any time. We know that students work and have other classes, so come in and leave when you need to. CSC also has workshops and seminars during the semester, these dates are available on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/saccommstudies
or on our Instagram #saccommstudies

CSC Advisors:

Advisors provide mentorship, advisor tips, and techniques at CSC. They are here to help every student achieve their goals. They are not only passionate about student success, but about communication too!


Professor Vera Holder
Communication Studies


Professor Stephanie Fondren
Communication Studies

Karina “Kary” Rebolledo
Communication Studies, TA

CSC Former Officers

2017 – 2018 Officers

Paula Vo, President
Alan Lopez, Vice President
Julie Hernandez, Secretary
Michael Guzman, Treasurer
Jose Castillo, Inter-Club Council Representative
Nikki Nelsen (Fall 2017), Inter-Club Council Representative
Nikki Nelsen (Fall 2017), Media & Outreach Coordinator

2016 – 2017 Officers

Sidronio Martinez (Fall 2016) & Paula Vo (Spring 2017), President
Martin Miller (Fall 2016) & Paula Vo, (Spring 2017) Vice President
Ana Ruvalcaba (Fall 2016) & Jennifer Celestino (Spring 2017), Secretary
Galdino de Rosa, Treasurer
Amayrani Dominguez, Inter-Club Council Representative
Inter-Club Council Representative
Media & Outreach Coordinator

2015 – 2016 Officers

Karina “Kary” Rebolledo, President
Ivan Hernandez & Erin Dobson, Vice President
Sidronio Martinez, Secretary
Linh Hoang, Treasurer
Alan Lopez, Inter-Club Council Representative
Amayrani Dominguez, Inter-Club Council Representative
Erin Dobson, Media & Outreach Coordinator

2014 – 2015 Officers

Melisa Peralez, President
David Gonzalez, Vice President
Karina Rebolledo, Secretary
Cyndy Garcia, Treasurer
Armando Garcia, Inter-Club Council Representative
Angeline Hayes & Karina Rebolledo, Media & Outreach Coordinator

2013 – 2014 Officers

Alejandra Colon, President
David Gonzalez, Secretary
Melisa Peralez, Treasurer
Alan Lopez, Inter-Club Council Representative
Roger, Media & Outreach Coordinator






Location 1530 W. 17th Street, Santa Ana, CA. 92705 Phone 714 - 564 - 5633 E-mail saccommstudies@gmail.com Hours Meeting Times: 1st 3rd Wednesday of every month from 3PM - 5PM in C-207
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